23.10.2020 |

With #TakeThat NEUSTART KULTUR the Fonds Darstellende K√ľnste e.V. is presenting it's new funding program for artists, festivals and production sites from Germany.

#TakeThat includes 11 different funding types for different art forms. #TakeAction is supporting performing artists, #TakePlace is for festivals and production sites, #TakeNote supports the information delivery and networking between cooperations partners, #TakePart is funding audience development projects and #TakeCare as well as #TakeCareResidenz are supporting the research process of artists. 

You can apply for funding since the 1st October and depending on the kind of funding you want the open call deadline is between 1st November 2020 and 1st February 2021. 

The Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. (eng.: Funds for performing arts) is a funding program supported by the German government that supports and funds people and artists workingwith performing arts.

The homepage is not available in English but you can find all the information here.



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