The Art Museum in the Digital Age – 2021

14.12.2020 |

The Belvedere Museum and its Research Center are hosting the third international conference about the digital transformation of the art museum, this year's conference will address online collections and the re-contextualization of the museum object in the digital universe.

From Monday 11 January 2021 to Friday 15 January 2021 a mix of discussions and lectures will take place daily starting at 5 pm. These discussions and lectures will focus on two topics: "the museum as a digital knowledge repository" and "the online collection - a matter of access", they will be divided into following panels:

Collecting, Searching, Sharing

Digital Participation

New Approaches of Curating

Digital Spatiality

Data, Context, Knowledge Spaces

The content will be held in English and German, the registration form can be found on Zoom. The entire program can be found on museum's website.

The Belvedere Museum in Vienna is one of the leading museums worldwide. Its famous art collection includes works ranging from the Middle Ages to the present day. The museum consists of two parts, a new contemporary art museum and a classic museum in a big palace-like building. 

The Belvedere Research Center is dedicated to documenting, indexing, and studying Austrian art in an international context—from the Middle Ages to the present day.

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