The Future of Transnational Cooperation – Panel Discussion, 10 October

07.10.2019 |

The Future of Transnational Cooperation - What Impact in a Changing Europe?, that is the title of an upcoming panel discussion during the European Week of Regions. For everyone working in transnational cooperation in the European Union this will be an insightful exchange.

The European Week of Regions and Cities is an annual four-day gathering. Here cities and regions display their capacity to create growth and jobs, carry out European Union cohesion policy, and demonstrate the significance of the local and regional level for good European governance.

A central part of European policy to facilitate transnational programmes are the Interreg programmes, which have been contributing to shape Europe for more than two decades. This panel session aims at triggering debate on TN cooperation’s contribution to building a smarter, greener and more social Europe. In interactive round tables, project leaders from all over Europe will highlight their achievements and share their thoughts with EU practitioners from regional, national and local levels focusing on three key sectors: energy efficiency, risks management and entrepreneurship.

Speakers will be Fernando Aguado, Andrea BIanchini, Francis Bunner, Silvio De Nigris, Violeta FASULO, Beata Fabisiak, Gregor Gregoric, Anna J. Wieczorek, Vassiliki KOTRONI, Jenny-Claire Keilmann, Karl Kleemayr, Madeline Langlois, Ivana Lazic, Tanja Meyer, Andrea Moro, Francesca PERRETTA Perretta, Oliver Raud, Else Timms, Jonas Westerberg, Lambert van Nistelrooij.

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