Theater Hanse 2019 – Stralsund, 26th – 29th September

17.09.2019 |

The BIENNALE THEATER HANSE starts in 2019 with its inaugural edition. The festival will showcase the enormously diverse and still particular contemporary theatre scene of the Baltic Sea region in Stralsund.

The BIENNALE THEATER HANSE is the first theatre festival to present innovative productions from the entire Baltic Sea region every two years.

During the festival eight productions, including opera as well drama and dance, will be presented at the Theater Vorpommern. The goal of the festival is that by 2021, all countries around the Baltic Sea will be represented at this festival.

The foundation of the BIENNALE THEATER HANSE is a network of theatre makers and critics that has emerged in recent years. It seeks the consideration of aesthetic, discursive and of cultural and educational policy concepts by offering an extensive supporting programme consisting of talks, lectures, readings and workshops.

This means not just to start a dialogue between the directors, scene-painters, costume designers, actors ensembles and dance ensemble, regarding the different stages and genres. It will also bring together authors, composers, vocalists and puppet players as well as experts of cultural and educational policy and the humanities. The first edition runs from September 26th to 29th and the full festival programme is available on the pages of Theater Vorpommern in English and German.

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