Third International Literary Festival-contest "Russian Hoffmann"

16.05.2018 |

The award presentations for the literary festival that pays tribute to famed Prussian author ETA Hoffmann, will commence next Monday 21st May and be held all week, in various cities in Kaliningrad.

The cities of Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad and Chernyakhovsk in Kaliningrad Oblast, will together host the awards presentations for the Third International Literary Festival-contest "Russian Hoffmann" next week. The festival was started to promote the cultural heritage of the region and recognises the creative contribution of famed Prussian author Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffman, or E.T.A Hoffman as he was better known in the literary world.  

E.T.A Hoffman was born in 1776 in Königsberg, East Prussia and died in Prussia in 1822. He was considered to be one of the greatest influencers of 19th century literature, Romanticism in particular. His works were mainly fantasy and gothic horror, but he was perhaps most famous for his novella The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, which Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet The Nutcracker was based on.

The festival called for applications earlier this year and has been reviewing entries to create the list of finalists for the past few months. Submissions from all manner of writers were received, regardless of experience, publishing status, training, fame or professional memberships. Works of poetry, prose, short stories, novellas, journalism and essays were submitted under the following categories:

  • Poetry, under the theme "Desires, dreams, blissful hopes always tend to flow from the heart into the heart";
  • Prose, under the theme "One can be a great scientist and still have no idea about the most ordinary phenomena in life";
  • Fantastical prose, under the theme "The most marvelous divine miracles happen in the innermost depths of the human soul, and these miracles are to be proclaimed by man with all his might by word, sound and colors";
  • Journalism and essays, under the theme "Some people are like coins on which the same image is minted. Others are like medals, knocked out only for this purpose";
  • Poetry and prose from young authors (aged 17-25 years).

Submissions were received from 18 different countries this year: Israel, Bulgaria, USA, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Denmark, Lithuania, China, Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Azerbaijan , Latvia, Italy, Georgia and Serbia. The winners will be announced during the festival contest week in Kaliningrad Oblast.

The Third International literary festival-contest "Russian Hoffmann" is organized by the Kaliningrad Regional Public Organization of Writers and the Chernyakhovskoye Zemljachestvo NGO, and is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the government of the Kaliningrad region. The contest will be held from Monday 21st May until Saturday 26th May 2017 in the cities of Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad and Chernyakhovsk in Kaliningrad Oblast. You can read more about the festival-contest here (only in Russian).

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