Umbrella funding for small- and micro-scale cultural initiatives in the BSR

25.09.2020 |

How can we link local grass-root approaches of cultural actors to to connect the Baltic Sea Region? How can small projects and initiatives help fostering societal and economic resilience? These questions will be discussed within the online workshop on 2 October.

The BSR is a vivid region with regards to trans-national cultural activities of formal and informal associations. For many actors, the obstacles to funding through the classical cultural funding mechanism are often too high for various reasons. This showed the need for a funding instrument for small culture initiatives with low bureaucratic effort. The idea for a Baltic Sea-wide umbrella project with microfunding for cultural initiatives has therefore been pursued.

The workshop, moderated by  Agata Etmanowicz - audience development implementer, founder of Impact Foundation based in Warsaw, consists of 3 parts: WHY? HOW? & WHAT’S DOABLE/WHAT’S NEXT?

- from “WHY”: all the reasons why micro-financing opportunities can be beneficiary for straightening co-operation and growth of the CCI sector in the BSR.

- through “HOW”: decoding the concept of micro-funding and looking at different models - from direct financing to so called regranting.

- to conclude with “WHAT’S NEXT”: finding out what’s possible and what’s not in a given framework and timeline. To be very pragmatic and come out of this meeting with clear idea and road map - what should be our next steps, who should/could do WHAT and WHEN.

No matter if you are a working in a large culture institution, run a small NGO, starting out as creative entrepreneur, you are an official (in a tiny town or a big city), working locally, regionally, at national or European level, your presence and contribution will be very much appreciated and valuable.

There will be interventions and presentations of case studies brought to you by practitioners (cultural operators, officials and others). Not only as living examples advocating for micro-financing in the CCI sector but also to bring inspiration and illustrate the concrete solutions. The workshop is organized by PA Culture within the 11th Annual Online Forum.

More information can be found here.



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