Urbiquity Urban Lab ’19 - Tallinn, September 9th – 14th

06.09.2019 |

The next Urban Lab, a format created and curated by Urbiquity, is going to take place in Tallinn. The Lab will concentrate on examining the ways global urban topics become evident in specific contexts.

The Urban Lab will focus on a single street in order to learn about Tallinn in general as well as challenges for cities around the world. It is a week-long visual urbanism residency. A programme of walks and talks, practice and theory will be carried out for six days.

The Urban Lab will conclude in an exhibition presenting all the resulting work in Tallinn. Additionally, a selection of the projects will be shown as part of a final showcase curated by Urbiquity. The 2019 Urban Lab is part of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale satellite programme and will feature talks, seminars, walks and urban interventions.

The residency’s aim is to create experiences where urbanists from around the world can learn from and add to the local urban discourse. Through this, participants will create new projects around the central theme.

The outcome of the urban lab are going to be co-created visual and physical materials resulting from studies and experiments carried out over the course of the residency.

The Urban Lab’s 19 is again organised by Urbiquity, which is a platform for creative and critical urbanism. Using visual methods alongside text and materiality, Urbiquity aims to investigate sociality in the built environment and generate new knowledge of the ways we inhabit increasingly multi-layered, contextual and connected global localities. All details about the Lab are online. Register here.

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