Welcome to the Monodrama Festival THESPIS 2010!

04.10.2010 |

This ARS BALTICA festival is the only one of its kind in Germany. In 2010, it takes place between 9 and 14 November at various venues in Kiel/ northern Germany.

The Monodrama Festival THESPIS has started in 1999 and takes place for the seventh time, this year. Between 9 and 14 November, about 15 productions from 13 different countries will be presented at various venues in Kiel/ northern Germany. Within the framework of the festival there are also arranged workshops and discussions.

The wonderful world of monodrama is peopled by amazing storytellers, fascinating body artists, emotive actor-poets, musical word-and-rhythm artists and excessive image-creators.

Be prepared to listen to enthralling tales, experience clever humour, profound tragedy and variations on the theme of performance that are beyond language and national borders! It is made possible by the never-ending creative spectrum of the form of monodrama – regardless of the country of origin: be it Chile, Switzerland, Israel, USA, Armenia, Scotland, Cuba, Russia, Poland, France, Finland, Lithuania or Germany. These will be truly six days of theatrical adventure!

Further information about the THESPIS programme 2010 is available here.

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