Welcome to the "New Baltic Dance" in Vilnius/ Lithuania!

25.04.2010 |

The International Contemporary Dance Festival takes place from 4 to 9 May 2010.

The International Contemporary Dance Festival "New Baltic Dance" is known as one of the most prestigious festivals in the Baltic Sea Region. The festival was established in 1997. During its time of existence the number of guest countries has enormously increased: In the very beginning there were participants mostly from the post-Soviet countries. Over the years, the program has reached a broad variety with companies from the Nordic and the Baltic States, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Israel, Canada, Slovenia, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Switzerland and Senegal.

The Program of the festival consists both of well established companies (La La La Human Steps, Cullbergballet, Aterballetto, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Random Dance Company, Russell Maliphant, Ariadone/ Carlotta Ikeda, Ballet de Lorraine etc.) with famous productions and young companies and choreographers with experimental works. One of the principles of festival is to present the latest productions (usually not more than 12 months old), thus the event is open for premieres, post-premieres, pre-premieres. The festival also provides the possibility for Lithuanian choreographers to show their newest creations.

For more information (programme, ticket sale) visit the festival’s website. http://www.limbazi.lv/

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