Welcome to two photographic exhibitions in Oulu/ Finland!

18.02.2011 |

"Sense of Space" by Kimmo Metsäranta and "Paradise" by Sami Parkkinen are presented at the Northern Photographic Centre until 27 February 2011.

The "Northern Photographic Centre" in Oulu, the only gallery in Northern Finland specialized in contemporary photography, presents two different exhibitions taking place at the same time.

At the "Kummigalleria", Kimmo Metsäranta's series "Sense of space" gives you an insight into the feeling of space. The artist shows that images create a narrative continuation of uncontrollable environments and do not have a clear reference to the actual space. Instead, the nature of the space begins to change when the viewer’s imagination and preconceived ideas take power.

At the "Rantagalleria", you can view the photos by artist Sami Parkkinen that show his life while suffering from depression. Even though shooting was a great effort for him both physically and mentally then, Parkkinen documented his life in diary-like photographs over a period of a year. "Paradise" shows these works and is a series about depression and recovery from it.

Click here for further information on the exhibitions and on the "Northern Photographic Centre".

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