Since 1991, ARS BALTICA stands for high quality projects within the field of arts and culture. The network supports cultural collaboration in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). Twice a year, the ARS BALTICA Organising Committee calls for projects that might become ARS BALTICA projects. That means that they are granted with the ARS BALTICA logo, a well-known seal of quality.

Projects that are granted with the ARS BALTICA logo are actively supported and promoted by the network. Information about the projects and upcoming events organised under the umbrella of ARS BALTICA are published both on the ARS BALTICA website and in the monthly newsletter with a worldwide reach. Furthermore, the national delegates as well as the Secretariat of the initiative promote the ARS BALTICA projects on an EU wide level, e.g. while representing the network at international meetings and conferences.

ARS BALTICA projects are good practice examples for cross-cultural cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. As such, the network promotes them on the political level, too. The network is striving for adding value to the single projects by finding new partners from other countries or other fields of action, by systematically spreading information that might be useful for the project's future and by giving assistance when it comes to question about project funding.

ARS BALTICA does not have an own budget for projects which means that the organisation and the financing of the projects must be guaranteed by the project leader(s). Both the national desks of ARS BALTICA and the Secretariat give assistance in finding project funding. They may advise national budgets, relevant institutions in the respective countries, EU programmes and other international bodies that might be interested in supporting the projects.

The initiative ARS BALTICA itself maintains a big network of partners from the field of arts and culture around the Baltic Sea as well as from the politics. With its contacts, knowledge and experience ARS BALTICA creates and offers platforms to projects on which they can be represented and on which they can gain even more attraction. One of the network's own platforms is the biannual ARS BALTICA forum.


"ARS BALTICA is not a bureaucratic construction for political posturing, but a concept that stands for unconventional and committed collaboration in real cooperative projects." (Rainer Haarmann, former ARS BALTICA Coordinator, 1997)