"Ten nations, thousands of stories." ONE BSR (One Baltic Sea Region) is an international project, co-funded by the EU via the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 and implemented by 17 partners, covering the whole Baltic Sea Region (BSR). It functions as an umbrella project and calls together actors, who identify and market themselves as part of the BSR. In the absence of a strong common brand, the project searches for shared commercial and cultural characteristics with a concrete hands-on approach.

ONE BSR consists of six different work packages; ARS BALTICA is responsible for Work Package 6.

  • News

    Review on One BSR - An interview with project manager Franziska Schindler

    After having accompanied ARS BALTICA for two years as manager of the One BSR project Franziska Schindler gave us a review and her personal insight into the project’s implementation, achievements and future perspectives.[more]


    One BSR Final Conference

    Today the One BSR final conference takes place in Helsinki (Finland) which marks the end of the project. ARS Baltica representatives will be on side when the achievements of One BSR and the future perspectives of the BSR will be...[more]


    ONE BSR Talent Retention

    The ONE BSR project meeting is today in Riga (Latvia), and the new film on BSR Talent will be presented to the team for the first time. It was created during the 3rd Policy Round-Table Discussion in Gdansk (Poland) on BSR Talent...[more]


    ONE BSR City Guide

    Five Baltic Sea metropoles introduce themselves in a common destination guide launched in December 2013: Hamburg, Helsinki, Riga, St. Petersburg and Warsaw.[more]


    BECC Cultural Exchange to Lithuania

    Our ONE BSR project manager Franziska Schindler went to Salakas, Lithuania as part of the European staff exchange program BECC for culture workers. Read about her experience here.[more]


    EUSBSR Annual Forum

    The 4th annual European Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) Conference takes place until today 12 November in Vilnius (Lithuania). The title is “Baltic Sea, Baltic Growth, Baltic Environment”. Main focus is environmental...[more]


    3rd Policy Round Table Discussion

    From 16 to 18 October, ONE BSR Project will travel to Gdansk (Poland) to discuss with experts the challenges of talent retention in the Baltic Sea Region.[more]

  • Work Package 6: Branding and Identity Building Dialogue

    ARS BALTICA is responsible for leading the work package 6 on "branding and identity building dialogue". The overall aim is to fuel dialogue on BSR branding elements and to increase understanding of many diverse identities in the region. Branding and identity building talks shall be provoked with concrete cases from real life, giving room for various BSR images and identities. Therefor WP6 is going to organize four policy round tables during the whole project period, as well as an Idea Market and an Experience BSR Trip. To spread the results ONE BSR will actively use web and social media especially to involve also young people, to inform about the region and to provoke discussions. Hence the platform newsWave is an important part of WP6.

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  • newsWave

    newsWave is a communication platform and a network of talented news-spotters and bloggers from all 9 nations around the BSR and Norway. News-spotters pick up interesting news from their national media related to economics, science and culture, and write abstracts about them. Bloggers, including e.g. artists, international researchers, entrepreneurs, travelers, students, and members of minority groups are regularly writing about their everyday life, local lifestyle, traditions, coherence, cross-border topics etc. The aim of spreading stories is to create a new "we-feeling" of the BSR.

    newsWave was launched on 26 February 2013 in Copenhagen during the winter-reception of the Baltic Development Forum.

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  • Policy round tables

    Discussions on BSR images and identities are stimulated at topical round tables which are organized back-to-back with already existing BSR summits. The round tables which are filmed to create video film are about tourism, investment/business, talent retention and culture/media.

    1st policy round table: The overall theme of the first policy round table and hence the first video made as a part of the ONE BSR activities had been BSR tourism. From 24 to 26 October 2012 the first policy round table took place back-to-back with the kick-off event of the ONE BSR project at the "City Branding" Cruise Helsinki-Stockholm-Tallinn, a shipping tour across the Baltic Sea.

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    2nd policy round table: Within the kick-off event for the new Priority Area Culture in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region the second policy round table on culture/media took place on 18 April 2013 in Berlin (Germany). See the press releases from before and after the event, and watch the second video here.

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    3rd policy round table: In October 2013 the third policy round table on talent retention was held back-to-back with the Scan Balt Forum in Gdansk (Poland). Read the news article about the discussions and concluding statements on the ONE BSR website.

    4th policy round table: The last policy round table on investment/business back-to-back with the BDF summit will take place in the beginning of June 2014 in Turku (Finland).

  • Other Work Packages

    WP1: Internal management of ONE BSR

    WP2: Communication and public relations of ONE BSR

    WP3: Investment Promotion: ONE BSR enables active and interested BSR IPAs (national and regional investment promotion agencies) to come regularly together and to work out concrete collaboration opportunities among the competing national and regional investment promotion agencies. The aim is to increase the number of investments into the Baltic Sea Region.

    WP4: Talent Retention: The understanding of triple helix mechanisms in talent retention and better tools for addressing the issue in different parts of the region shall be increased. The aim is to improve the image of the Baltic Sea Region as an open, international and skilled higher education area.

    WP5: Touristic Attraction: A common strategy for promoting the Baltic Sea Region as a tourism destination in the USA and Asia raising the awareness of the target groups for the BSR tourism offerings. The aim is to promote the image of the BSR as a roundtrip travel destination.

  • EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

    ONE BSR is a flagship project within the HA Promo of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) which intends to produce an elaborate set of BSR images and identities and to urge communication about and within the BSR.

    The EUSBSR is the first macro-regional strategy in Europe with the aim to reinforce cooperation within the region in order to face several challenges by working together and promoting a more balanced development in the area. The strategy intends to increase the levels of environmental sustainability, prosperity, accessibility, attractiveness, safety and security.


"ARS BALTICA is not a bureaucratic construction for political posturing, but a concept that stands for unconventional and committed collaboration in real cooperative projects." (Rainer Haarmann, former ARS BALTICA Coordinator, 1997)

Key Facts

  • Aims:

- To produce elements for the Baltic Sea Region image and identity
- To develop tourism co-operation at new international markets
- To continue the new initiative "Baltic Sea Region Investment Agencies"
- To bring together stakeholders from the project, the political, the touristic and the scientific fields

  • Vision: To increase the Baltic Sea Region competitiveness by branding it as one unity
  • Mission: To pool resources in attracting investors, tourists and talents to the region to increase people’s interest in the common good of the Baltic Sea Region
  • Objectives: To market the whole region and its different parts by developing joint promotional services and test them in practice to make positive publicity of the BSR lifestyles and to encourage the "we-feeling" of the Baltic Sea Region
  • Project duration: From 30 September 2012 to 30 September 2014
  • Budget: 3 MEUR