NORDLICHTER is a festival of Nordic music and art presenting classical and new music as well as experimental cooperation projects developed by Berlin-based and Nordic artists. The purpose is to create an event that shows many musical expressions from the Nordic scene and the cultural scene in Berlin (Germany) within a real cooperative exchange amongst the different countries that are participating.

  • What is the project about?
    NORDLICHTER BiennaleThe idea of creating the platform NORDLICHTER derives from a wish to present Nordic music and Arts in Berlin, to gain insight into the experimental as well as the established Nordic music and art scene and to establish and develop co-operations between artists from Germany and the Nordic countries. The aim with NORDLICHTER is to create a recurrent event, as a varied platform of different artistic and musical images.

    NORDLICHTER presents Nordic music and art, both contemporary music, classical music and experimental projects based on co-operations between artists from the Nordic music scene and Berlin based artists. The project is a varied, interesting and entertaining event with contrasts to make every feature stand for itself. The light, being also part of the name, is a central focus referring to the strong influence it has on life in the Nordic countries. Also, it aims at pointing out the strong relationship between nature and the human being, nature as the basic source of creativity.

  • Who is the target group?

    NORDLICHTER addresses everyone interested in music and arts from the whole Baltic Sea Region.
    Created as a platform, coperation is one of the most important aspects of NORDLICHTER. The idea is not to only present existing projects, concerts or programs, but to give space for new alliances amongst artists and creative heads to work together beyond the borders of the countries involved.

  • Next edition of the project

    More information as soon as possible


"ARS BALTICA is not a bureaucratic construction for political posturing, but a concept that stands for unconventional and committed collaboration in real cooperative projects." (Rainer Haarmann, former ARS BALTICA Coordinator, 1997)


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Key Facts

  • start of the project in 2010
  • accredited with the ARS BALTICA logo since 2010
  • located at Berlin (Germany)
  • countries involved are Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Norway and Sweden
    (in 2012 also: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania)


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