The Baltic States Biennial of Graphic Arts Kaliningrad – Koenigsberg

Since 1990 the Kaliningrad Art Gallery traditionally has hosted multitudinous international art competitions and shows at The Baltic States Biennial of Graphic Arts Kaliningrad – Koenigsberg.

  • What is the project about?

    Originally having been organized by a museum, the Biennial promotes the rapprochement of the peoples of the Baltic countries through cultural interaction, the awareness of cultural diversity of the Baltic Sea States and a cross-cultural communication.

    The Baltic States Biennale of Graphic Art Collection:
    Pavel Makov
    Symferopol’ landscape. 1988

    Apart from that, the Kaliningrad Biennial wants to create an international network of graphics in the Baltic cultural space as well as conditions for idea-sharing professional communication for artists, critics and experts from across the world. Furthermore, a dialogue in a pan-European context shall be established and maintained.

    The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, various institutions of the participating states, The Nordic Cultural Fund (Denmark), and the Government of the Kaliningrad Region.

    Since 2000, the "Baltic States Biennial of Graphic Arts Kaliningrad – Koenigsberg" has been showcasing works from nine Baltic states – Russia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. With their exhibitions, young artists compete alongside such renowed masters as R. Gieger, C. Reutersward, J. Karjalainen, R. Serra and V. Orlov.

  • Who is the target group?
    - both professionals and amateurs
    - school children, students, young people with a professional interest in arts
  • Next edition of the project
    The XII Baltic States Biennale of Graphic Art "Kaliningrad - Koenigsberg 2015" will take place from 27th August until 27th September 2015. 


"ARS BALTICA is not a bureaucratic construction for political posturing, but a concept that stands for unconventional and committed collaboration in real cooperative projects." (Rainer Haarmann, former ARS BALTICA Coordinator, 1997)


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Key Facts

  • start of the project in 1990
  • accredited with the ARS BALTICA logo since 2000
  • located at Kaliningrad Art Gallery (Russia)
  • countries involved are: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, and Sweden



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