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Pärnu Contemporary Music Days

Pärnu Contemporary Music Days of the Estonian Arnold Schönberg Society, will continue the exploration of microtonality, which is little known in Estonia, in cooperation with composers and performers. PCMD will take place between 22 and 30 January.

The programme of Pärnu Contemporary Music Days 2022 will include a symposium, a concert, a workshop, presentations, joint hearings and viewings of works. There will be an interdisciplinary Microtonal Music Workshop, which will explore microtonal sound systems and prepare a concert programme of microtonal music. Stephen Weigel, Paul Erlich and Douglas Blumeyer from the United States and Agustín Castilla-Ávila from Austria, who will collaborate with Estonian composers and performers, will be invited to the symposium and workshop. The workshop will take place at the creative centre MASSIA in cooperation with Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium, where students will have the opportunity to listen to lectures and participate in the creation and performance of works.

More information and the whole program can be found here.