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Tallinn Design Festival

The 17th Tallinn Design Festival will take place from 19 to 25 September, focusing on sustainability and green design. The center of the festival is situated in the Baltic Manufactory, a Tsarist industrial quarter, which most of the time is inaccessible. One goal of the festival is to revive spaces of architectural and historical value through culture.

Estonian Academy of Arts' research centre DiMa will present a clothing collection created with Estonian and Kenyan design studentson festival’s opening night. Visitors wil see see fashion design that has been made from industrial leftovers and post-consumer textile waste. DiMa also hosts an exhibition at the Tallinn Design Festival, that presents a group of designers and their work to empower the creative community to seize the opportunities of the circular economy as a framework for global positive global impact. The aim with the exhibition is to provide the visitors with some practical examples of textile waste circularity.

The international conference Green-Being: WTF?*on 22 September will challenge greenwashing by presenting best practices and inspiring solutions from designers and product and service developers. Questions such as does the solution lie in recycling and new environmentally friendly materials only, or is it possible to redesign production processes to lengthen the value chain of materials and products will be discussed.

The highlight of the festival is the Estonian Design Awards gala. Every two years  Estonian Design Awards are jointly awarded for product design, graphic design, web design, service design and to young talented designers.