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Baltic Sea Region Cultural Pearls

Water connects us, but culture unites us

Baltic Sea Region Cultural Pearls aims to connect cities, people and cultural actors in the region and strengthen the regional identity while promoting cultural diversity. BSCCR focuses on the co-creation of cultural activities by citizens themselves, involving especially young people and those from often overlooked parts of society. The key idea of the project is to biannually nominate a “Baltic Sea City of Culture” that would rely not on competition, but rather on cooperation between cities, encouraging them to find similarities and synergies between each other. An important part of the project is also to enable not just the capitals, but also citizens in smaller cities or regions in the periphery to participate in and showcase their unique cultural landscapes.

The Long-term goals of the project are:

  •  Contributing to making the BSR’s vibrant cultural life visible, diminishing cultural barriers and fostering social and cultural cohesion in the region
  • Making young people’s opinions and voices on Baltic Sea policy heard and fosters intergenerational dialogue on current political and societal issues
  •  Investing in educating and empowering future region-builders across disciplines

Partners so far are:

CBSS as Lead Partner; ARS BALTICA Secretariat; City Culture Institute in Gdansk; Regional Council of Ostrobothnia; Kaunas Artists House/Kaunas City; Union of Baltic Cities, Cultural Cities Commission; City of Kiel, Ministry of Justice, European Affairs and Consumer Protection of Land Schleswig-Holstein; Agency for International Affairs and Regional Cooperation, Kaliningrad Oblast

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