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ABCD CCI Internationalisation 10-11 May

The second ARS BALTICA Creative Dialogue (ABCD) workshop took place on 12 and 14 April and was fully dedicated to the internationalisation topic within the Creative and Cultural Industries in the Baltic Sea region. Read our report about the workshop and sign up for the upcoming ABCD sessions for CCI Internationalisation on 10-11 May.

The session took place within the project Creative Portsand was moderated by Henryk Stawicki and Justyna Turek from Change Pilots. The ABCD format already traveled to 9 Baltic Sea region countries offering space for open-minded cultural actors from all sides of the table to share, network and augment the value of cultural work.

Change is the only constant

The workshop gathered participants from Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Sweden to explore the topic of international collaborations.

The workshop started with a talk about the drivers of change such as the pandemic or the technology that are influencing the internationalisation and impacting the international projects. In the next step, the participants discussed their own needs and the needs of their audiences as well as barriers to be able to define the problems and challenges that they are facing in their international collaborations. It became apparent that especially the aspects of trust, common values and a platform for future cooperations are important for international work.

During the workshop the participants got tools which they can use in their daily work and collected over 150 ideas for their current internationalisation problems.


Feedback participant:

During the workshop I experienced great openness on the part of the organizers and the participants. The two days have shown me once again that we have an incredible amount of overlap in our goals across borders. It was incredibly exciting to meet different people. And a big thanks goes to the moderators, who, despite the online format, made the workshop very lively.


Join the ABCD community to improve your internationalisation skills and participate in the third ABCD Scanning Tool.

The sessions will be facilitated once again by Henryk Stawicki and Justyna Turek from Change Pilots. Henryk and Justyna help organisations create product and service scenarios based on design strategies using sustainable and circular principles. Justyna creates experiences, systems, and workshops that allow companies, brands, organizations, and events to communicate integral value offered to their users.



1st part: 10 May 1-5 pm CET

2nd part: 11 May 1-5 pm CET

You can register here until 7 May here. There is only a limited number of participant places available!

The ABCD Scanning Tools are taking place as an Internationalisation Tool within the project Creative Ports, that aims to improve and encourage collaboration between the CCI actors of the participating countries and to further develop strategies and processes around internationalisation.