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ARS BALTICA with the Nordkolleg at 825-Year-Festivities of Rendsburg

From 7th to 9th June, the Nordkolleg was present at the 825-Year-Festivities of the town of Rendsburg with a stand introducing the campus' different departments and projects with their respective activities during the year with ARS BALTICA supporting for one day.

ARS BALTICA, being connected to the Nordkolleg and with our offices located there as well, alongside other colleagues from the campus, took the opportunity to talk to and answer questions of citizens visiting the festivities on Sunday, 9th of June.

Some inhabitants of Rendsburg already know the Nordkolleg well, have visited seminars, concerts, readings and other events there, the beautiful garden or the latter combined as for example also the Midsommar festivities last Saturday offered the opportunity for. Other people, with the Nordkolleg being on the other side of town for them, on the far end of Rendsburg, have yet to experience the variety this cultural hub has to offer. ARS BALTICA is happy to be a part of it and enjoyed this chance to connect with people locally.

A central topic in the talks at the stand during the town’s celebration days was the running Open Call by the Nordkolleg linked to Rendsburg's historical anniversary. Anyone with a tale to tell about Rendsburg is invited to contribute to a book gathering individual stories, poems, photos, drawings and thereby figuratively and literally painting a picture of the town across the years. Deadline for handing in contributions is the 1st of September 2024.

For those interested in knowing more, find the link to further information (in German) here and be sure to check out Nordkolleg’s many activities during the year in any case.

View of the Nordkolleg-Stand at the Festivities

Photo by Lara Knigge