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Atelier Josepha

Atelier Josepha is a flexible showroom and workspace in Ahrenshoop, Germany. Twice a year an international artist is invited to stay and work at Atelier Josepha for three weeks. On the weekends the Atelier opens its door to the public and functions like a gallery.

The Atelier Josepha has a main theme: the Baltic Sea. To enforce this the Atelier creates a space to encounter with cultural and natural treasures as well as the challenges and burdens of the Baltic Sea. ARS BALTICA is a partner of the residency program and helps to promote the project within the Baltic Sea Region. Atelier Josepha is legally run by the Association Crazy4Culture.

From September to October 2020 the German artist Simone Kessler stayed at Atelier Josepha and worked on the topic of ammunition disposal in the Baltic Sea. Simone Kessler‘s works are explorations into unknown territory. Originating from a fascination with the matter that makes up our reality, they overlap and create countless layers of possible interpretations. Each new line of thought is welcome and desired: the punctum, Roland Barthes’ point of reference to the radical subjectivity of the viewer, is at least as important as the point of view of the artist. As an interdisciplinary artist Kessler explores ideas, materials, processes and structures to translate them into numerous new artistic forms. 

In October 2020 the Swiss artist Anna Kubelik  worked at the Atelier. Music and science inform Anna Kubelík’s practice. In the last years she has been exploring climate, thermodynamics, mathematical theories on particle collisions and most recently the issue of plastic waste. These themes inform the dimension, shape and material as well as the medium she choses for her facetted scope of work, which ranges from large kinetic installations over sculptures to performances. Her projects often lead to collaborations with artists from other fields as well as educational and cultural institutions and scientists.

Both artists made a video on their stay in the Atelier about their work and their motivation. You can find Kesslers video here and Kubeliks video here.