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AWAKE-Project: Arts and Wellbeing Roundtable Discussion | 11 April 2024

The AWAKE project aims to explore the intersection of arts and wellbeing from the perspective of creative business and future livelihood. By spotlighting emerging collaborative practices between arts and wellbeing, the project will provide valuable educational material (a case book of business models) and training opportunities (workshops and a bootcamp) as well as it will facilitate a purposeful and diverse round table discussions. 

On 11 April, from 10:00 to 11:30 EET, the first roundtable is to be hosted on the topic of ‘Arts & Wellbeing: Livelihoods and entrepreneurial opportunities for artists and cultural workers’. The roundtable is designed to benefit seasoned arts & wellbeing practitioners seeking fresh insights as well as aspiring soon-to-be entrepreneurs contemplating their entry into the arts & wellbeing arena. 

Focal points of the roundtable will be the following:

  • Practical experiences of arts & wellbeing services and products; 
  • Skills and support needed to make Arts & Wellbeing practices sustainable; 
  • Access points of arts and culture practitioners into the health sector.  Expectations and reality.

The line-up of professionals for this event being from various backgrounds in the arts and wellbeing sectors promises diverse and thereby very insightful discussions.

Register here to be a part of this event!

Following the roundtable, from 11:30 to 12:30 EET, the project partners will be organising onsite or online discussions to delve more in local and regional perspectives of the questions raised by the roundtable. At the NDPC website you can register for the international online discussion, information about the onsite events in Helsinki in Finland and Bordeaux in France will follow.

Read more about the AWAKE project here.  

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Image by project partner NDPC