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Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries

The Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries is an international event for professional documentary filmmakers that is held in high regard throughout Eastern Europe. This year's edition takes place between 3 and 10 September.

Every year, the Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries gathers over 100 professional filmmakers from the Baltic Sea region, as well as from Eastern and Central Europe. The event is divided into two parts: An industry part between 3 and 8 September as well as the film programme taking place on 5 - 10 September.

The festival program includes preparatory workshop and seminars that are open to students and representatives of the Latvian film scene. Apart from the professional activities, a programme of the highest quality documentaries is offered to the general public in Riga and the largest Latvian cities. One of the films that will be shown during the festival is the mosaic portrait "We Will Not Fade Away" about five Donbass teenagers by the Ukrainian director Alisa Kovalenko. The energy, enthusiasm and hope of these young people allows the audience to relive the last golden hours of childhood. "We Will Not Fade Away" is on the shortlist for the European Film Academy Awards. Find all films that wil be shown during this year's festival here.

BSD is organised by the National Film Centre of Latvia, with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, and the Creative Europe Media programme. The largest financial support comes from the EU funded Creative Europe Media program.