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Open Call Borderland Poetics

Borderland Poetics, a co-operation programme between CCA Estonia, Rupert (centre for arts, residencies and education in Lithuania) and Icelandic Art Center, is inviting emerging art professionals of the region to apply for the 2022 project assistant position.

Each institution is offering a  position: CCA (Tallinn, Estonia), Icelandic Art Center (Reykjavik, Iceland) and Rupert (Vilnius, Lithuania). The applicant must be willing to work 1 or 2 months in Tallinn, Reykjavik or Vilnius.

CCA is a non-profit expert institution in international cooperation projects with a role to activate and develop Estonian contemporary art scene. The project assistant will be working closely with a team of 5 people and the main tasks would be connected to international projects: travel arrangements, creating programme for the international guests, hosting and arranging studio visits with the artists. While working at CCA, the team helps the assistant to get introduced to the local art scene and to provide insights into the structure of the institution.

The Icelandic Art Center promotes and supports Icelandic contemporary art internationally through grants, collaborations and projects. It facilitates professional partnerships, visitor programmes and international collaborations between artists. The assistant is expected to work in Reykjavík from September until the end of October and take part in the daily activities of the Icelandic Art Center office. The assistant will work closely with an appointed supervisor, supporting them in various responsibilities related to project management and event production, management such as website management and updates, and communications. 

Rupert is a privately initiated and publicly-funded centre for art, residencies and education. Rupert’s mission is to establish close cooperation between artists, thinkers, researchers and other cultural actors through transdisciplinary programmes and residencies. The selected project assistant will be supporting the development of the three core programmes at Rupert, more specifically public video art event, several lectures, final exhibition of the alternative education programme and a new issue of Rupert Journal. The project assistant will actively engage with the participants of the residency and alternative education programmes and have a chance to take part in the activities tailored for them.

The project assistant positions are an opportunity for students or recent graduates to gain 1 or 2 month long first-hand work experience and contribute to preparing and producing a major art event. The assistant will work closely with an appointed supervisor, supporting them in various responsibilities related to exhibition and event production, management and communication. The training will take place during Autumn 2022. The Programme offers a scholarship of €2400 and additionally covers return travel expenses for each participant. Accommodation agreements must be made by the participants themselves but the programme will partly cover these expenses depending on the price.

The programme is coordinated by partners of the Borderland Poetics Research Programme. Deadline for submitting the applications is 28 June. More information can be found here.

The programme is supported by the Nordic Culture Point.