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BSR Cultural Pearl Kiel at the Green Culture Day

On Tuesday, the Nordkolleg Rendsburg, which ARS BALTICA is connected to and where the ARS BALTICA office is located, hosted the 2nd ‘Green Culture Day’, a networking event for cultural actors across Schleswig-Holstein for discussing the ongoing work towards more sustainable practices within the sector with several good practices as examples as a basis.

Among the diverse input given within the day’s programme through presentations and workshops, Annette Wiese-Krukowska, head of the Department for Culture and Creative City of Kiel shed some light on the city’s efforts and actions within the BSR Cultural Pearls project connecting to the sphere of social sustainability.

She elaborated on the project’s history and Kiel’s as well as the Nordkolleg’s involvement in the early beginnings, with the idea developing further even during the pandemic. She explained Kiel’s focus for the title year being to support youth engagement and inclusion. Connecting to this, she further emphasized how important coming together and experiencing a sense of community is for a city and that this cannot be achieved by officially-run initiatives and institutions alone. With this in mind, the barcamp which Kiel organized as part of its BSR Cultural Pearl 2024 awarding ceremony in March aimed at bringing the many different actors across the city together to understand who does what and thereby unlocking the potential to join forces in future. Therefore, Annette Wiese-Krukowska also advertised the BSR Cultural Pearls programme as a possible framing for this engagement, highlighting it and exchanging, even internationally, where there otherwise wouldn’t have been a spotlight and platform to do so.

You want to foster social resilience in your city within our project programme? Remember the deadline for applying to become a BSR Cultural Pearl 2025 is approaching on 24 May 2024.

We look forward to all your applications! More information on the process and overall project is found here.

Annette Wiese-Krukowska talking about the Pearls project in front of a group of people

Photo by Lara Knigge