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CCI Network Meeting 2024

ARS BALTICA is attending the CCI Network Meeting 2024 hosted by its partner the CCI Contact Desk at Telliskivi Creative City in Tallinn, Estonia. The meeting spans two days, the 16th and 17th of January, and is complemented by a conference as well as different workshops.

The CCI Network meeting is, due to the pandemic, the first of its kind in a while. Therefore, an in-person meeting among the 16 invited partner institutions and organisations from across the Baltic Sea Region was something to look forward too.

The two-day get-together was not solely organised by the CCI Contact Desk but in collaboration with the EU project "Off the beaten track", which aims to empower and improve women's employability in the tourism sector. Thus, the event consists of two main parts:

  • 16th January: Networking opportunity for the CCI partners and the partners of "Off the beaten track"
  • 17th January: Final conference of the project "Of the beaten track" on "Culture and Creativity: Women Powering Tourism Transformation" followed by an exclusive workshop for the CCI partners

Thank you to the organisers for this wonderful networking event!

Read more about the outcomes of the meeting and plans for the future of this CCI partnership here.


Further Partners on this event: Goethe-Institut and Loov Eesti / Creative Estonia


Decorative Element: Ad CCI Network Meeting

(c) CCI Contact Desk

CCI paper programme lying on a table
Room with people sitting in multiple seating groups on comfortable chairs and sofas with stage at the far end of the room backed by a presentation screen and flanked by four additional monitors showing the same presentation
Workshop setting in an open space

(c) Egija Salnikova