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CIMAM 2021 Annual Conference

CIMAM 2021 Annual Conference "Under Pressure. Museums in Times of Xenophobia and Climate Emergency" will be held on 5-7 November in Łódź and Gdańsk (Poland) with a possibility to participate online.

The CIMAM conference will address the roles of artists and museums in today's dramatically changing global situation and try to give answers to the questions: How can artists be agents of change, and museums be places to test proposals for the communities of the future? Can museums guide processes of political and/or technological solutions?

The first day of the conference will focus on the topic "Conflicts, Crises, and the Politics of Growth", the second day will shed light on the possible role of museums as spaces for recognizing differences and learning to respect them while the third day will dive into the topic "New Perspectives on Climate and Commonality" with the aim to go beyond disciplinary thinking in addressing the responsibility of museums in times of climate emergency, tackling not only the natural environment but also the atmospheres of the commonplace. Keynote speakers and relevant case-study presentations will show how institutions, artists, and thinkers working together can provide practical laboratories concerning these emerging issues and offer methodological tools to combat discriminatory and nationalistic tendencies in an increasingly divisive and divided world.

A detailed conference program can be found here. The online registration closes on 4 November.

The event is hosted by the Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz and the NOMUS New Art Museum/ Branch of the National Museum in Gdansk, Poland.

CIMAM – International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art – is the only global network of modern and contemporary art museum experts in the field. CIMAM members are directors and curators working in modern and contemporary art museums, collections, and archives. CIMAM’s aim is to foster a global network of museums and museum professionals in the field of modern and contemporary art in order to raise awareness and respond to the evolving needs of modern and contemporary museums, and to take a leadership role on issues of concern.