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Circulation of European literary works

An open call in the Culture strand of Creative Europe funds around 40 projects translating, publishing, distributing and promoting at least five works of fiction. Thus it aims to enlargen the audience for books in less widely spoken languages and to access markets in Europe and beyond. Organised by one entity or a group, the activities should also address greening in the creative sector as well as diversity, especially regarding gender inequality.

The translation should occur from an under-represented language of a Creative Europe member state into one or multiple languages of other members. The translation process is seen as a pivotal aspect and the call encourages the promotion of the translator’s profession, appropriate remuneration and high visibility in the translated work. Special support goes to projects that make Ukrainian books available to refugees in other countries.

The application requires projects to be sub-divided into work packages with clearly indicated objectives, deliverables, risks and needs. The editorial and promotional strategy should be sound and able to increase the readership especially amongst youth. In October, applicants get notified of whether they receive part of the 7.5 million EUR budget earmarked for this funding opportunity.

Do you think this fund was made for your project? Read the full call here

Deadline: 16 April 2024 


Bookshelf filled with old books

Picture by Inaki del Olmo on Unsplash