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Climate Heritage Network

The Climate Heritage Network seeks to scale up culture-based climate action and to make climate policy people-centred through coordination and cooperation among its members.

The network members are committed to mobilising arts, culture and heritage to address climate change and support communities in achieving the ambitions of the Paris Agreement. Members work with all types of culture including arts and creative industries; museums and libraries; landscapes, heritage sites and archaeology; and intangible heritage, traditional knowledge and Indigenous ways of knowing.

The network has launched an Action Plan on 28 September that is based on a Theory of Change which posits that culture – from arts to heritage – enables transformative climate action by empowering people to imagine and realise low-carbon, just, climate resilient futures. The Action Plan is designed to shape change by connecting Climate Heritage Network members to each other and partners across sectors in order to re-orient climate policy, planning, and action at all levels to better take account of these cultural dimensions.

Climate Heritage Network has also compiled a Climate Heritage Manifesto called "Imagining and Realising Climate Resilient Futures: The Power of Arts, Culture and Heritage to Accelerate Climate Action" for the 2022 United Nations Climate Conference (COP27). The manifesto seeks to activate those involved in arts, culture, and heritage to take climate action through communication and engagement, inspiring and assisting their constituents, members and audiences to increase ambition; to change their own behaviours; and to engage with climate change policy development at local and national government and intergovernmental level.