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COAL Prize - Deadline 05 May 2024

The fifteenth edition of the annual COAL – Art and Environment Prize awards art projects by individuals or collectives following this year’s motto „Being Transformative“. Multiple grants of up to 12.000 EUR, exposure online, a network of cultural transformers and artist residencies in France can be won, including the COAL – Culture & Diversity student award for French art students. The projects aim to transform societal mindsets, behaviours and perceptions through original approaches presented in unusual venues. 

COAL describes human interventions in natural transformation processes as a hyper-transformation. To face its consequences, the knowledge we have must be supplemented by intrinsic motivation, which can only be instigated through the arts. In order to make peace with the environment, it is the role of the artist to create experiential artworks that provoke an inner transformation. These practices may range from artisanal or culinary to performative or poetic, as long as the project has not been completed already and does not rely on the COAL prize solely for financing. 

COAL also brings about the fifth edition of its student prize, awarding the winner with a two-months residency in a French nature reserve. Nominees for both competitions will be announced in July, in September the winners are declared. The selection committee is composed of twelve men and women, artists, research directors and directors of cultural institutions. It is set in the framework of Transformative Territories, a program of the European Union led by COAL with five partners. 

Does a transformative idea come to your mind immediately? Read the complete call for projects on this page. 

Deadline: 5 May 2024 


Butterfly evolving in three stages

Picture by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash