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Collide Copenhagen Residency Award

From 2023 to 2025, one artist or collective per year receives the Collide Residency award which fully funds a two-months residency in Geneva and Copenhagen in summer of 2024 and provides a stipend of 15.000 CHF (about 16.000 EUR) for the following guided development of an artwork.

During the residency, artistic research on the effects of the newest technologies and scientific break-throughs on culture and the arts is supported by dialogues with physicists, engineers and laboratory staff. Applicants with an interest in the impact of and ethical standpoints towards AI, quantum technologies and the modelling and analysis of big data are welcome.

Since 2012 the European Council for Nuclear Research, seated in Geneva and called CERN after the shortened french term, has conducted artist residencies with partnering organisations in cities like Barcelona, Liverpool or Linz. They give artists at the intersection of arts, science and technology from any country the opportunity to interact with urban communities and the experienced CERN members. 

In this term and with Copenhagen Contemporary as partner, an expert jury will review the project proposals until the end of April. The artist in residence will then spend one month in Geneva followed by one in Copenhagen, with accomodation, travel and living costs covered. The groundbreaking artwork resulting from the posterior creational period is to be shown at the Copenhagen Contemporary exhibition in 2025.

Did this call spark an idea in you? Don’t hesitate to read more or apply! 

Deadline: 4 March 2024 


Decorative element

Image by Collide Copenhagen