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Connected Audience Conference

The Connected Audience Conference occurs every two years and convenes cultural professionals, researchers, and policymakers to engage in discussion about how to build and engage audiences in cultural organizations. This year's conference will take place between 27 and 29 April.

In current times, successful cultural institutions need to be open spaces, acting as places and partners for learning, social cohesion and well-being in a changing world. We need to find new ways to ensure a strong audience focus in the cultural sector, and for this approach to be considered a key to an institution’s culture. To explore these challenges the Institut für Kulturelle Teilhabeforschung (Institute for cultural participation research) in collaboration with the Institute for Learning Innovation brings together experts, researchers, and practitioners from the global cultural sector for discussion and exchange.

The Connected Audience Conference 2022 will address the pressing issue of Public Value and Relevance. The international biennial conference will provide inspiring discussions and productive interactions between its various participants and facilitators. 

The main goal of the conference is to examine how audience research and evaluation can support cultural institutions in gaining a greater understanding of their audiences. By using these tools, institutions will be able to increase participation and better inform their strategic development and overall cultural practice Following topics will be discussed during the conference: Engaging Senior Audiences, The Impact of Digitizing Tangible and Intangible Aspects of Craft, Cultural Experiences Impact on Personal Connection (difficult topics and across cultural difference), How do online Theater Experiences contribute to or distract from Public Value and Relevance?, Museums in Transition – an Empirical Study of (Non-)Visitor Relationships, Measuring Museum Relevance and Impact: Estonian Museum examples, Measuring the Visitors’ Perception of the Value of Museum Participation, Understanding Non-Visitors.

Check out the program overview here. More information can be found here.