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Copenhagen Light Festival 2021

Every year in February the Copenhagen Light Festival lights up the city for a few weeks, this year's festival edition takes place from 5 to 27 February presenting nearly 50 different artists and artist groups within a colourful programme throughout the city.

From 5 to 27 February the Copenhagen Light Festival 2021 is taking place. It is an annual light festival taking place in Copenhagen in 3 weeks of February and it presents both Danish and international artists and designers. During this time architectural lighting, art, design, and installations will add a different aesthetic and expression to the winter season in the city spaces of Copenhagen.

For this year nearly 50 different artists and artist groups were hired to create a colourful programme throughout the city. There will be a green beam shooting through the sky over the city that is 3.7 km long, interactive trampolines that react to the movement of the user and develop a stellar that ends with a supernova eruption, a number of light up cranes "flying" over a park and many more light shows.

Copenhagen Light Festival exhibits the city in a new way in the quiet and dark winter months in the form of a light festival with both international and local appeal to people of all ages. The Copenhagen Light Festival was founded within Danish qualifications within art, sustainability and lighting culture. It brings together all the great forces – light artists and designers, students, organizations and commercial players – around a large non-profit project.