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Covid-19: Changing Culture? Conference

Cultural Value organisation invites participants to a two-day conference on the effects of the pandemic on the cultural and creative sector. Questions like "How has the pandemic changed the cultural sector over the last 18 months? To what extent have the ways we produce, engage with and support culture been impacted?" and many more will be discussed

"Covid-19: Changing Culture?" is an online conference for the exchange and discussion of findings and implications from the research program of the Center for Cultural Value. The topics of the conference will be the digital transformation of the cultural sector, the behavior of the public and the future of cultural work, all of which will be analyzed in the context of the effects of the pandemic on the cultural sector.

Join Cultural Value online on 17 and 18 November from 09:00 to 17:00 for two days of exchange and connection where speakers will share findings and insights from fifteen months of research.

The conference organisers have prepared a well-rounded event, covering all aspects of the digital transformation of cultural events. Practising artists were invited via an open call to to develop a type of engagement that gives the experiences of the participants during the Covid research conference a participatory, reflective, imaginative and  transformative dimension. Part of Cultural Value's intentions for additional engagement is to use the Airmeet conference platform as a “virtual venue” with a reception area, tables for networking, and “booths” where either static content or a video can be shown. 

More infornation about the conference can be found here.
The Centre for Cultural Value is a research centre based at the University of Leeds and works alongside cultural practitioners and organisations, academics, funders and policymakers to summarise existing evidence to make relevant research more accessible, support the cultural sector to develop skills in research, evaluation and reflective practice, convene discussions around questions of cultural value and to offer funding for research partnerships through their Collaborate Fund. Find more information on the Cultural Values project, their aims and methodologies here.

Visit Cultural Value’s findings website, where their ongoing research is presented across a wide range of categories; culturqal policy response, safety, hybridity, and the impact of Covid on workers of the arts sectors.