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CPH Stage

CPH STAGE is a big theater festival in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg with magnificent dramas, intense monologues, topical debates, satirical remarks, talks, concerts and other events that put theatre at the centre. This year's edition starts on 1 June and takes place until 10 June.

This year's themes of the festival are popculture, forbidden emotions, harder better faster stronger and humor on stage.

One of the popculture event is the performance Björk. Björk is one of the most influential singers and songwriters of the current time, her catalog of music stands today as one of the most successful in the experimental genre. To the magnificent music, the audience will experience two visually grandiose works that delve into themes such as love and its nature and the mechanical and prefabricated vs. the wild and untamed. The performance Cannibal of the forbidden emotions section is a tale of cannibalism and a beautiful love story about Armin Meiwes who fantasizes about eating another human being. Armin falls in love with Bernd-Jürgen when they meet in an online chat forum for cannibals. Bernd-Jürgen wants to be eaten by Armin. The Cannibal has been the most talked-about show of the year. Check out the full programme here.

The festival's International Days with artists, producers and works from Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Islands will take place between 8 and 10 June. Since 2017 CPH STAGE has developed INTERNATIONAL DAYS as a Danish showcase and a central Nordic meetingpoint for international colleagues.