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Homo Novus

This year’s international festival of contemporary theatre “Homo Novus” is dedicated to the actions of hospitality, collectivity and the potentialities of working together, not apart. The festival starts today and takes place until 9 September in Riga and several regions of Latvia.

The festival organisers aims to build the festival’s program even more closely with the viewer, allowing to imagine a future and a society where the people notice, value each other and where collective joy is always present and alive. The festival will become a meeting of these different ideas and expectations in the city and beyond as a confirmation of the common growth. This year edition returns to the familiar, to dive deeper into existing connections and to see what is possible if a longer commitment to each other is made. The festival welcomes back festival favorites from the past, generates new collective practices and shares the latest works generated from Latvian artists and abroad.

Homo Novus will be opened today with the a musical participatory performance “All birds sing beautifully” that offers viewers an unusual perspective on the borders of culture and nature, where a struggle between the cultivated and the natural, human order and wilderness, takes place. The full programme can be found here.