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Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2021

The fourth Creative Bureaucracy Festival that celebrates outstanding innovation in the public sector and its contribution to a better, more sustainable world, will take place between 13 and 17 September. The registration is open for everyone who is interested in a contribution to a better bureaucracy.

The festival brings together bureaucrats and their allies – those who, at all levels of government, fight for the common good and make a difference. Over five days the festival will showcase great examples of imaginative bureaucracies driven by public servants at every level from around the globe. Through the festival the organizers want to adress the big challenges of bureaucracy and their solutions, as well as turning public servants into creative bureaucrats.

The Livestream will consist of 150 sessions in English and German with 400 speakers. The program includes major topics such as Health and Wellbeing, Climate and Sustainability, Public Infrastructure and Space, Organisational Culture and Governance & Collaboration and Communication.

The festival will be opened on 13 September by Charles Landry (festival's president) and Astrid Frohloff (journalist). The detailed progran can be found here.

Register here for the Creative Bureaucracy Festival.