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Cultural Mobility Yearbook 2022

In April 2022, as part of its multi-annual programme co-funded by the European Union, the network On The Move launched a new annual publication: the Cultural Mobility Yearbook. The Yearbook provides a reference framework of data related to cultural mobility.

The yearbook will be updated every year, this year focusing on digital mobility - the formats and opportunities it brings, but also the limitations that largely reflect the characteristics of personal mobility, e.g. in terms of access, geography and power relations.

Through a data analyst, the numerous calls and resources that On The Move collects and promotes on a daily basis, were extracted to analyse trends and contextualize emerging issues in mobility. In 2021 the network has published 641 calls for funded mobility opportunities with 76 countries as destination. One of the findings is that digital mobility is growing and formats are becoming more complex. The second section goes into greater detail with three articles that cover specific perspectives.

Findings and takeaways will feed into discussions at the Cultural Mobility Forum on 25 May in Helsinki, Finland and online.

You can find the Cultural Mobility Yearbook here.