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Culture of Solidarity Fund 2023-24

With a coverage of up to 80 % of the project budget or a maximum of 30.000 EUR, the Culture of Solidarity Fund sponsors cooperative cultural projects in regards to the just transition to sustainability.

The lead applicant, a public or private organisation active in North Italy, namely Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria or Aosta Valley, has to partner with a European organisation out of a Council of Europe member state. The jointly executed projects focus on knowledge exchange or public engagement.

The Corona pandemic, wars needing to be contained and the effects of climate change in landscapes like the Alps or Mediterranean have demonstrated both the easily endangered position of culture in Europe and its crucial role in coping with the crises. The unrestrained use of resources must make way for green, low-carbon economy, but this daunting shift requires a change of mindset and shoud be equitable for all. The arts can be considered an intrinsic motivator and help in forming a consensus on a just transition. 

Therefore all applications for the Culture of Solidarity Fund have to align with one of the following objectives: 

  1. Knowledge exchange and dissemination of best practices: The Italian and European partners collaborate to incorporate transitional thinking into their organisational structures and ways of work. 
  2. Raising public awareness and engagement: The planned cultural actions initiate a creative democratic discourse in society about just transition or strenghthen the role of arts in respectful political debate culture. 

Starting on April 15th, project activities can last up to 12 months and receive support devided into teers of up to 10.000, 20.000 or 30.000 EUR. This budget can be adhibited for a variety of activities, including for example the creation or the up-scaling process of initiatives, production or rent.

Do you feel eager to propel a just transition to sustainability?

Read further details here or register on this page to fill in the application form. 

Deadline: 29 February 2024 

Forest and mountain landscape on a sunny day towards autumn

(c) Liam Hans