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decapitalize humanity Exhibition

The exhibition "decapitalize humanity" presents nine artistic positions that critically question the value system of our consumer and performance society from different perspectives.

The presented artworks deal with existing, traditional structures, social grievances and ways of acting, which form a bracket between the private and the political. Despite differences in their respective artistic expressions and media, ranging from photography, video, ceramic-painted sculpture to immersive spatial installations, all works are united by a preoccupation with humanity as a social value. The exhibition presents international contemporary attitudes that use poetic and radical imagery to address questions about mechanisms of political inequality.

The exhibition title is based on a neologism analogous to the widely used term "decolonize," which stands for a call to reflect on and change colonial and postcolonial relations of domination and exploitation. The appeal inscribed in the exhibition title evokes the idea of no longer understanding people as capital in the sense of productivity and performance. At the center of the works on display, the question of an ethic of mutual care as part of our contemporary culture is always put up for discussion.

WIth works by Daniela Comani, Parastou Forouhar, Raju GC, Aleksandra Kubiak, Niina Lehtonen Braun, Gerald Pirner, Ulrika Segerberg, Judith Siegmund & André Piontek, Sibylle Zeh. The exhibition can be visited until 3 June in Berlin at the Deutscher Künstlerbund. More information in German can be found here.