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Driving the Human

From the 15 to 17 October 2021 Driving the Human will present 21 concepts proposing new visions for sustainable cohabitation on our planet both through an on-site event in Berlin and an online broadcast.

Those visions suggest innovative and forward looking ways for solving urgent problems relating to climate change. The concepts explore the  connection between technology and nature, artificial intelligence, circular economies, new modes of production, Indigenous knowledges and approaches, and more-than-human perspectives.

Artists such as Yasmine Abbas, Clara Acioli and Erik Adigard participate in the project. The full program and participant list will be announced at the end of September. One of the concepts is a screen-based installation of an artificial intelligence agent processing environmental chaos called Do AIs Dream of Climate Chaos by Iris Qu 曲晓宇. This project aims to question what actions a sentient machine might take to prevent its own pending destruction in climate chaos. More information about the concepts can be found here.

The project is hosted byForecast at  radialsystem in Berlin and online at

Driving the Human combines experiments for sustainable coexistence and collective forms of the future with science, technology and art in a transdisciplinary and collaborative approach.