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#ECIS22 GREEN Conference

The European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS) is an annual conference that brings together creative professionals, sectorial organizations and policy makers to discuss the latest developments in the European creative industries and engage in conversations about future developments.

This year's #ECIS22 GREEN Conference stands for the re-imaginationre-focusing and re-framing of policies for the cultural creative sectors and industries (CCSI). The CCSIs are known for its potential of cross-sectorial innovations and the capacity to help other enterprises to manage change. In recent decades, European creative entrepreneurs have demonstrated their direct and indirect impact not only on the economy, but also on urban development, social cohesion, external relations, integration and social change.

Today, the overarching paradigm for economic development and social relevance is measured by CCSI's contribution to the Green Deal and theCircular Economy. The guiding question for the next decade will be: How can CCSI contribute to the race to zero emissions and make Europe the first climate-neutral continent?*

The #ECIS22 consits of four parts and starts with the ECIS Assembly on the 21 April the United Nations Day for Creativity and Innovation, includes four break out sessions (BoS) on the 9 May and 12 June and ends on the 25 September at the final #ECIS22 conference in Prague which is organised under the auspicies of the Czech EU Presidency 2022.

The registration fom and the entire program can be found here.