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EHH's Sharing Local Stories: Digital Transformation in Cultural Heritage | 17 May 2024

This first webinar in a series of four will take place on May 17, 2024 from 11 AM to 12:30 PM CET via Zoom. The meeting will be divided into three presentations of local good practices and an exchange of thoughts on the preservation of cultural heritage.

The overarching theme of this webinar series by the European Heritage Hub is called „triple transformation“ and encompasses the digital, green and social layer. This specific webinar will center around inspirational stories and good practices in the realm of digital advancement. 

The selection of three good practices per webinar was based on the incoming applications for an open call for local strategies related to cultural heritage. They all are in the stage of implementation and some have been running for years now. Furthermore, the project partners eurocities, the Europeana Foundation and Europa Nostra will enrich the discussion with their opinions on questions such as sustainable ways of digitization or the advantages for cultural heritage that digital data management brings. The intersection between the social, green and digital aspect will also play an deciding role. 

Noémie Boulay will present her program „Nantes cultural heritage 2.0“, a web platform called Nantes Patrimonia on which users can access and elaborate on the everyday heritage of this French city and its neighborhood. 
Secondly you will get to know „The Urban PERISCOPE practice“ through Georgios Artopoulos, a Cypriot project which gives city authorities, architects and building conservation specialists a virtual exchange space where architectural data is collected and analyzed transdisciplinary. It employs tools like digital twinning, the virtual modeling of physical objects, to show buildings as 3D models. 
The last project, an Armenian initiative named „Engaging scientific research and digital tools while connecting with local communities“ will be introduced by Hulé Kechichian from Tumo, the center for creative technology. For years it has been documenting sites with influential cultural heritage through laser scanning and photogrammetry to finally make the 3D models available for the public in 2024. 

If the presented good practices pique your interest and you enjoy heated debates, register now for the event or inform yourself further here.

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