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Festival Homo Novus

This year’s international festival of contemporary theatre “Homo Novus” will speak clearly about the uncertainty in various fields of ideas: artistic and social, personal and shared, ecological and biological. The festival takes place between 8 and 18 September in Riga and several regions of Latvia.

The festival organisers aims to build the festival’s program even more closely with the viewer, allowing to imagine a future and a society where the people notice, value each other and where collective joy is always present and alive. The festival will become a meeting of these different ideas and expectations in the city and beyond as a confirmation of the common growth.

As usual, the festival will continue to collaborate with space and the city in all its diversity, taking place not only in theatres and cultural venues, but also in public outdoor space, urban landscape, nature, bringing the audience to places we do not usually gather and reflect on the collective experience as such.

The festival will be opened on Wednesday by an investigative durational performative exercise Guči fabrika, performed by the visual artist, performer and cultural manager from Chile Cote Jaña Zuñiga. The full programme can be found here.

Homo Novus is determined to provide contemporary performance encounters for everyone, regardless of access requirements. This year the works were designed for deaf and hard of hearing audiences, text based works for persons with vision impairment, and a phone call that can be accessed wherever user can get phone reception.