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Gender Equality on and off the Stage

The main aim of the project ‘Gender Equality on and off the Stage: A Mapping Project of the European Live Performance Sector’ was to map the situation with regard to gender equality in the Live Performance sector across the EU and create an overview in order to identify and highlight good practice examples.

The good examples span a broad range of examples including legal and policy measures, initiatives and agreements of social partners, actions by civil society and artistic movements, all dedicated to promoting gender equality in the live performance sector. In addition to the good practice examples, the project’s other objectives included a review of existing research work focused on the sector, gathering data, and identifying current trends in the sector.

The website also includes a wealth of recordings and resources arising from the four online Gender Equality Thursday webinars held in the course of the project; as well as some overall reflections and a list of useful resources regarding Gender Equality in the Live Performance sector.

The first webinar focused on the Covid19 pandemic as the crisis has hit women the hardest, threatening to roll back decades of fragile progress on gender equality. The second webinar focused on addressing bias and combatting stereotypes as Live Performance could be instrumental in changing the way Europeans perceive gender equality.The third and fourth webinar focused on combatting sexual harassment in the Live Performance Sector and Equal Access to Decision-making & Leadership Positions. All webinar's videos can be found here.

The project ran from February 2020 until January 2022. It was a joint undertaking of the European social partners in the live performance sector, represented by Pearle*-Live Performance Europe on the employers’ side and EAEA-European Arts and Entertainment Alliance including FIA (International Federation of Actors),FIM (International Federation of Musicians)and UNI-MEI (media and entertainment division of UNI Global Union) representing workers in the sector.