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HUMAN Documentary Festival

HUMAN International Documentary Film Festival is Oslo’s largest festival for Norwegian and International documentary films, and also presents a programme dedicated to current human rights issues. The festival is held between 6 and 12 March.

The festival consists of two competition programs: the International Competition Program with new international documentaries focusing on human rights, competing for the Human Rights Human Wrongs Award and the Norwegian Competition Program with new Norwegian documentaries competing for the Human award. In addition to several film sections, the festival programme also includes debates, performances, seminars, and Q&As.

One great example of the International Competition Program shown at the festival is "5 Seasons of Revolution". Young filmmaker and reporter Lina goes underground to document the Syrian revolution. She uses several pseudonyms to avoid unwanted attention from the authorities. In Damascus she is Lina, in Homs she is Maya, and in Aleppo she is Lama.

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