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Open Call interfilm

From 14 to 19 November 2023 the 39th International Short Film Festival will take place in Berlin. INTERFILM and its sister festival KUKI - the young short film festival Berlin show more than 350 short films every year in more than 50 programmes, workshops and events. Films can be submitted until 29 May.

“interflim” is an international short film festival placed in Berlin. Each year, several filmmakers can submit films up to 20 minutes. The genre does not matter – the festival is open for everything the short form has to offer. Of course, the films should be produced to a high standard and an international flair for success, but content and style can be courageous as well.

The festival program contains seven competitions that are planned:

  • International Competition
  • Confrontations Competition
  • Documentary Competition
  • German Competition
  • Green Film Competition
  • Eject XVIII
  • Online Competition

For entry, you have to pay 8 euros. For each film shown in a non-competitive program, a screening fee of 50 euros will be paid per non-competitive program (for up to 3 screenings per program). Submission deadline is 29 May 2023. Submitted films should not be longer than 20 minutes. You just have to register with “SHORTFILMDEPOT” and wait for their feedback. Only films entered via “SHORTFILMDEPOT” will be considered.

Since 2018, the winners of Best Live Action and Best Animation Award in the International Competition will be eligible for consideration in the Live Action Short Film and Animated Short category of the Academy Awards® even if it’s shorter than the standard theatrical run, provided the film complies with the Academy rules otherwise. For more information click here.