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International Residency Programme for Writers in Krakow, Poland | Deadline 31 May 2024

From September 1st to October 31st, Kraków City of Literature invites one resident to the apartment of Czesław Miłosz, a Polish poet and Nobel Prize recipient. The stay gives the writer an opportunity to work on their project in an inspiring environment and professionalize their writing skills.

The residency comes with an allowance of nearabout EUR 630 per month and the reimbursement of transportation costs to and from Poland. The Kraków Festival Office (KBF) makes sure to feature the artist in festivals and networking events, thus opening up wider audiences. 

The participant will enjoy a variety of events correlating to the City of Culture, such as interviews or meetings, and get to know the Polish writers‘ community. Therefore an interest in Central Europe aned the Polish literature community specifically is pivotal. Each application requires connections to another of the 53 UNESCO Cities of Literature all across the planet. 

In addition, the potential resident needs to have at least one work of fiction, non-fiction, poetry or drama published in Polish or English and currently draft a new project. They are expected to create a short text between 6.000 to 11.000 characters about the city of Kraków in a genre of their choice, which will have a place in a collection for promotional purposes. 

If you want to partake in the International Residency Program for writers, send your application form, a CV, an extract of less than two pages of your publication and optionally a letter of recommendation or motivation to residencies[at] or read further details here

Deadline 31 May 2024 

Decorative element complementing the call by showing Krakow city centre

Image by Severius Dewantara on Unsplash