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Lund Choral Festival

The Lund Choral Festival´s program contains a mix of reunions and new acquaintances, local choirs and international guest performances. The festival takes place from the 18 to 24 October.


Several choirs have almost become a regular feature of the festival and the audience will once again enjoy Svanholm Singers, Arte Vokalensemble, Carolinae Damkör, Petri Sångare and more. There will be several regional choirs visiting the festival for the first time; The Vega Choir - a choir that sings a little more poppy tones and Released Gospel Choir - a modern gospel choir, also with roots in Malmö. 

 One of Europe's foremost chamber choirs, the Norwegian Soloists' Choir, presents a program based on the myth of Orpheus. From Swedens own capital, the festival is visited by Sofia Vokalensemble, who will, among other things, perform a new work by Matthew Peterson. The festival ends with  the English top ensemble The Tallis Scholars, which provides an atmospheric program with music from different centuries under the heading "Reflections."

The idea for a choir festival in Lund came from the local choir that courted the local community of Lund in the autumn of 2004. The festival took shape in collaboration between the municipally appointed project group, the local choir and a large number of co-organizers from Lund, Sweden and Europe. The goals of the festival were to strengthen Lund as a choir city, through a bi-annual festival for choir and cultural life locally, nationally and internationally, to attract a new and larger audience to Lund, to initiate new stages and open the door for visiting ensembles but also give opportunity for Lund's choir singers to be part of new contexts and networks.The Lund Choral Festival aims to highlight choral singing as an art form and at the same time to use the enormous forces behind choral singing as a popular movement. The first festival was held in 2006 and has since returned in October every two years, now no later than 2018.
Since 2013, Lund arranges a small festival called "Driving Days in Lund" in the intervening years, with a smaller selection.

More information about the line-up and the festival can be found here.