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#METOO in the Culture Sector

SHIFT Online Session on Gender & Power Relations "#METOO in the Culture sector: From call-outs to structural change" will present the first results of the latest research on sexual harassment, bullying and power abuse in the European art field on 6 October at 4 PM CET.

The aim of SHIFT's research to inspire cultural networks, art institutions and organisations to self-critically reflect on their own position towards sexual and power abuse and to re-define their work models, codes and structures. The speakers Marta Keil (Performing Arts Curator, Poland) and Marie Le Sourd (On the Move, Belgium) will give insight into the topic. Jasna Žmak (Assistant professor at the Dramaturgy department, Academy of Dramatic Art of the University of Zagreb) and Ian Manborde (Equity UK) will contribute.

This event will be followed by a participatory discussion at the IETM Lyon Plenary Meeting 2021 on 22 October where the final SHIFT Gender and Power Relations research will be launched. More information can be found here.

The session will be held as part of the SHIFT – Shared Initiatives for Training project. The project SHIFT is providing training offers for cultural leaders, working together and creating paths to face such global challenges. Implementing changes where needed and passing on the gained knowledge to leaders and staff members, of cultural networks and the broader cultural sector are key targets of the project. The partners are producing online manuals and guidelines until the end of 2021on the themes Cultural Leadership, Environmental Sustainability, Gender and Power-Relations and Inclusion.

The event is co-organised by On the Move and IETM Lyon 2021.