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MuseumWeek 2021

The worldwide festival for cultural institutions on social media, the Museum Week, starts today! For seven days, cultural institutions and audiences are invited to be creative with their smartphones for this eighth edition.

Museum Week is an online and offline global event that take place during a week each year with the participation of museums, associations and cultural institutions.The organizers of the MuseumWeek will solicit their network of more than 6,000cultural institutions around the formula "7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags" in order to stimulate the spirit of creativity and creationin especially in young people.

Monday, June 7: #OnceUponAtimeMW
Tuesday, June 8: #BehindTheScenesMW
Wednesday, June 9: #ChildrensEyesMW
Thursday, June 10: #EurekaMW
Friday, June 11: #CaptionThisMW
Saturday, June 12: #ArtIsEverywhereMW
Sunday, June 13: #WordsForTheFutureMW

The events can be registered by cultural instutions here.

MuseumWeek is organised by Culture For Causes Network, a non-profit organisation that promotes museums, libraries, galleries, archives, artists and all cultural institutions around the world by the organisation of events on social media and sometimes in the physical space.